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As humanity takes baby steps toward embracing oneness for every sentient being on this planet, there is a loving, wise, and compassionate teacher, Bianca Steinmetz, who is a leading force in empathic learning for companion animals. She's the highest expression of a "dog whisperer". No shocks here, no humiliation, no fear, only joy, fun, patience, absolute kindness, love, and--so often neglected--respect. The dog and their humans (no ownership here) are taught together. We learn how the dog is feeling at every stage of our learning process. He or she is the focus of our attention, at all times, the way it should be. Bianca fully honours the dog. With her gentle patient approach, always attuned to the dog's stress levels and anxiety, she talks you through what the dog is experiencing as you do the exercises, in class and at home. She is there for us, not critical, but supportive and communicative.


We took Jude, a rescue dog, almost three-years old, to Bianca. He came to us terrified of everything, people, dogs, bicycles, inanimate objects, every imaginable sound. He preferred to be indoors, where he felt safer. Though he's very sweet and loveable to us, and those he has learned to bond with over time, he lunges, barks, and growls menacingly toward all others. He is a very fearful dog that expresses that fear aggressively. Bianca prefers we call him, and his behaviour, insecure. Which, honestly, makes us all feel more secure. The changes in Jude now are remarkable. He may never be "Lassie". but he can manage his emotions much more effectively, and he's becoming the highest version of himself. We all feel more confidence being in the outside world. And Jude has made some real breakthroughs, such as being able now to frolic in the water. I wish all dogs, and their humans, could be fortunate enough to be placed in the loving hands of a teacher like Bianca, who adores and respects dogs with all her heart, finding absolute joy in their happiness and well-being. There is no doubt in my mind that Bianca Steinmetz was called to do this special work in our world.


With gratitude,

Racine, Ivor, and Jude.


I started working with Bianca in April 2021 when I got my boxer puppy, Laila. Laila and I have done Puppy Class, Teen Manners Class, Social Hour and private lessons. In every situation Bianca has been professional, caring and helpful. She truly understands dogs and their behaviour and is eager to pass on her knowledge. I attended a couple of classes solo when Laila was sick, so that I wouldn’t miss out on what Bianca was teaching that day. Bianca has helped me realize the importance of meeting Laila’s needs so that she is able to learn the appropriate behaviours. I have learned about how Laila’s health affects her behaviour and how to cope when she is reactive. I cannot recommend Bianca enough. Her vast knowledge of dog behaviour and her openness make her an invaluable resource to anyone who has a dog in their life. 


Lisa Reid


I first reached out to Bianca in April 2021, and I was desperate. We have always had dogs in our family, but Penny, our 6-month-old Coonhound/Border Collie, was challenging me to the point of despair.

Penny and I met with Bianca for a couple of one-on-one sessions, and I felt immediate relief.

Bianca showed me how to walk Penny so she could get the most out of our walks, and actually get tired! (Spoiler – it has nothing to do with the amount of exercise) She taught me how to read body language that I was missing, and how important my body language is to my dog. Bianca followed up on our sessions with detailed e-mails and was available for me to ask questions and express frustrations.

I really felt like she cared about the relationship between Penny and me.

We signed up for Bianca’s Teen Manners Class. I learned so much about puppy enrichment, leash walks, interactions with other dogs and behavior that I was misunderstanding (adolescents are crazy). It was a small class with great people (and pups), the atmosphere was friendly and inviting – no such thing as a stupid question! Again, Bianca followed up with e-mails full of information and re-caps.

Things were going so well with Penny, we decided to add another pup to our family – Lola. Before I even picked Lola up, I contacted Bianca to save a space for us in her puppy class! It was another information packed class, and a great start with our training for Lola. Bianca also helped me through some of Lola’s anxiety issues.

Penny and Lola and I travel from Langley to White Rock once a week for Social Hour and the pups have an absolute blast. I can’t say enough good things about Bianca. I don’t know how I would have survived this past year without her. She is always kind and gentle in her approach, knows so much about dog behavior, and really cares that dog and human create a trusting, lifelong relationship. She is a true Dog Whisperer!


Jennifer Sheila


We came extremely close to rehoming our dog as our issues with him seemed insurmountable. Now we have a wonderful family pet that fits right in with our family dynamic. Bianca has been a ‘dog whisperer’ for us! We appreciated her professionalism, kindness to both us and our dog and her extensive knowledge. She was very good at teaching us as a family how the dog world works. Which is so different than the human one and in doing so, we have been able to bring out the best in our dog. Thank you for your invaluable help Bianca!


Pandora, Mike and Baxter ( our pooch)


Bianca is an amazing trainer who is highly knowledgeable when it comes to dogs. We have taken multiple classes, puppy and teens and owe all our success to Bianca. She uses positive reinforcement and makes you and your dog feel comfortable and welcomed. Thank you so much Bianca!


Sam, Zach & Yeti


Bianca is a true professional. She is the most knowledgable individual who has a love for dogs and a love to learn all she can about positive reinforcement and force free training. She explains perfectly why your dog is doing what they're doing and teaches you how to help your dog step by step. Her communication and guidance have truly made the difference in our pups behavior. From reacting on leash and vocalizing we have had HUGE success and we owe it all to Bianca. Always choose a trainer who will listen, guide you, teach you, and has your dog's best interest, and that is Bianca.


Lisa and Disco

Echo -min.jpg

Bianca is extremely knowledgeable and empathetic and takes the time to listen and educate, so dog owners can better understand their dogs and what the dogs are communicating. Bianca supported us promptly when a time sensitive issue came up and guided us on the right path to understand dog body language and how to build the relationship so the behaviour could be addressed. Bianca’s guidance helped us so much and gave us the confidence to move forward.

Lucie Elle and Echo


We crossed paths with Bianca not long after we got our Moose, a Frenchie who was diagnosed with an unfortunate heart condition as a pup. We were protective of him, and cautious about leaving him in someone else’s care. Moose is now two years old and thriving. And Bianca’s care and honest connection with Moose, through his early life, is a huge part of that. He is truly a happier dog because of her. 

Bianca is a Gem, and we’re thankful that she is part of our extended Furry Family. 


Best Regard,

Brad Baumann and Tiaan De Jager and MOOSE


When we adopted our dog Dazie at the age of 3, we knew she didn’t get along with other animals but we didn’t realize how this would deeply impact our family. Her aggression made us embarrassed to go for walks in public. We stopped doing the things we loved like weekend strolls on the beach. We didn’t want to leave Dazie at home but we were nervous about taking her with us. We didn’t know why Dazie was acting the way she was, how to handle her aggression or what to do about it. This left us feeling frustrated and uncertain. 


After seeing Bianca in the neighbourhood, we decided to reach out for help. In just one session, she was able to explain Dazie’s body language, help us understand what she might be feeling and gave us practical first steps. 


With Bianca’s ongoing support, she gave us the tools and techniques to feel confident and in control. We still have work to do, but Dazie is already happier and so is our family. Even our neighbours have noticed a change in Dazie’s demeanour.  


Bianca’s training was invaluable. She’s fantastic at what she does and we are so grateful for her knowledge, guidance and advice.

Vanessa Bucceri & Dazie


We are so happy to be working with Bianca. From the moment we met her, we knew she understood us and our new puppy. We are experienced dog owners and Chase is our 4th dog. However, as a purebred border collie, he is also the most challenging - but in a good way.  


Bianca is very perceptive - she listens to us, watches the dogs and is able to understand the situation or behaviour and come up with a solution. We have met with her in person and via  zoom calls and we leave each interaction feeling like we have the tools we need.  Everything we have thrown at her, she has solved and given workable corrections. From the daily schedule, to getting along with our older dog, recall, biting/nipping and more - we have seen significant improvements in how we connect with Chase and his positive response.  


She really is a dog whisperer and we look forward to a continued relationship with her.


Colleen Von Dehn & Chase


Bianca first met our anxiety-ridden dog, Kowhai* in September 2019. Anyone who witnessed those first few meetings would never have thought that within a couple of weeks Bianca would become Kowhai’s favourite person in the world (yes, Bianca quickly overtook Kowhai’s human family!). But Bianca’s understanding of dog behaviour and dog language, coupled with patience and kindness has enabled Kowhai to fully trust an extra human being – a big feat. 


Bianca has introduced Kowhai to other dogs who she knows Kowhai will be able to walk and play with, which means Kowhai comes home tired and happy, and is less scared when we encounter dogs on walks. Bianca was also responsible for the beautiful relationship between Kowhai and her Best Friend – (that’s you, Bello!) Kowhai shows her fear through reactivity, but we have learnt how to recognise what she is experiencing, how to reduce her fear, and to understand what it is that makes her lunge at a trigger (less and less often). Since starting (zoom) training with Bianca in March 2020 there has been a definite improvement in how Kowhai is outside the house, as Kowhai’s confidence has increased, and we have learnt how to work with her. 


The other change we’ve seen is in Kowhai’s behaviour at home. The pandemic suits this dog perfectly as she is too terrified for us to have guests. Our greatly improved understanding of why Kowhai behaves in the way she does coupled with failsafe mitigation strategies allows her to be much more relaxed at home. Every week we see improvement in the way she copes with the dreaded Garbage Trucks and seemingly endless deliveries to neighbours via noisy FedEx and UPS trucks. Now we just need to find a way to barricade the garden from squirrels.


One extra bonus of Bianca having Kowhai for play time is the beautiful photos that Bianca texts me each day, and Bianca’s fantastic Instagram account. I love seeing the pictures of Kowhai and the other cute dogs having so much fun. 

Mary Hart & Kowhai


*New Zealand tree with beautiful yellow flowers,

pronounced Ko-fi (rhyming with wi-fi)

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